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  • STEEL-ACE 관련 이미지

    STEEL-ACE is the optimal ERP solution specialized in steel
    Leader of steel industry computerization! You can encounter stable system
    with SGsoft's know-how accumulated more than 20 years
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  • ERP STEEL-A Ent 관련 이미지

    STEEL-A Ent system specialized in coil center
    Skelp Line/ Shear Line/ Cutting Line/ PDA Entry & Release/
    POP Process Management/ Provide subcontractor processing web services
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  • ERP STEEL – A Pro 관련 이미지

    ERP STEEL – A Pro
    ERP STEEL-A Pro optimized for small and medium steel
    products cutting, bending and assembly
    Rear Panel Model Cutting/ Round Bar Cutting/ Shaped steel Cutting/
    Cutting and assembly of various steel products/ BOM Management/ Subcontractor Processing Management
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  • STEEL – A Biz 관련 이미지

    STEEL – A Biz
    STEEL-A Biz system for distribution and sale of
    diverse steel products
    Sales of all steel products/ Subcontractor processing of coil and cut products/ Unit Weight Table Management by Product/ Function to track the raw material inventory/ Win order and purchase through automatic price quotation/ Real-time cost analysis
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  • WEB VISION  관련 이미지

    Customized Groupware System
    to increase Business Efficiency and Cost Saving
    Since the system integration is made linked to ERP System,
    it can be a tool to improve the business process
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