Major Business

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Web Linking Service

Web Service

  • Strengthen sales capacity of Sales Department and improve the client satisfaction with quick response to each source
  • Build the one-step advanced system (early stage of e-Business) that can secure the competitive advantage
  • Secure the competitive advantage in business activity by activating wireless internet and PDA

Major Screen

  • Login 화면 이미지

    Login Screen

  • 수주관리 - 일반주문서 작성 화면 이미지

    Order Management -
    Prepare general purchase document

  • 수주관리 - 가공의뢰서 작성 화면 이미지

    Order Management -
    Prepare processing request

  • 생산관리 - 생산지시서 조회 화면 이미지

    Production Management -
    Inquire production instruction

  • 세금계산서 매출내역 조회 화면 이미지

    Tax invoice - Inquire sales details

  • 재고관리 - 제품재고 조회 화면 이미지

    Inventory Management - Inquired product inventory