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Business Area

  • STEEL-A-Ent
    for Processing and Cutting

    Solution specialized for coil center

    • Skelp Line
    • Shear Line
    • Cutting Line
    • POP entry and release Management
    • POP process management
    • Provide subcontractor processing web services
  • STEEL-A Pro
    for cutting and fabrication

    Cutting for shipbuilding,
    heavy equipment, and small models

    • Rear panel model cutting
    • Round bar cutting
    • Shaped steel cutting
    • Various steel products cutting and fabrication
    • BOM management (Cutting and fabrication)
    • Subcontractor processing management
  • STEEL-A Biz
    for steel distribution

    For distribution and sale of diverse steel products

    • Sale of all steel products
    • Coil and Cut products subcontractor processing management
    • Measurement and unit weight table management by each product
    • Enable to track raw material inventory
    • Win order and purchase through automatic price quotation system
    • Real-time cost analysis
  • Groupware Web Vision

    • Web-based information portal system
    • Community System
    • Knowledge Management System
    • Personal Office