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ERP STEEL-A Pro system,
optimized for small and medium cutting, bending and assembly

ERP STEEL – A Pro 제품이미지
  • Rear panel model cutting
  • Round bar cutting
  • Shaped steel cutting
  • Cutting and assembly of various steel products
  • BOM management
  • Subcontractor processing management

Characteristics of Product

  • Automatically store the product weight and image generated by Cadwin Nesting program and Data Sync Program in ERP system.
  • Improve the inventory efficiency through the management of leftover after cutting.
  • Easy inventory sorting by managing the inventory stowage location and stowage sequence with PDA.
  • Provide free Excel Uploading function.
  • Manage the whole processes to shipping with the information registered when winning the order.

Application Area

  • The business that cuts the steel products straight and processes with laser
  • Business that fabricates the steel structures by preparing BOM
  • Business that produces the cutting and assembled products such as shipbuilding, heavy equipments
  • Business that produces the casting, etc.
  • Enable to be applied to all areas of small and medium cutting businesses

Included Tasks

  • Order management
  • Part/ BOM
  • Nesting Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Process Management
  • Shipping Management
  • Payment Management
  • Entry and
    Release Management