Major Business

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Customized groupware system for business efficiency improvement and cost saving

Introduction Effect

  • Promote collaboration works with smooth communication regardless of area and location
  • Save the relevant costs by reducing the business processing time, meeting time and decision making time, etc.
  • System integration is made by linking with ERP system
  • It can be the tool to improve the business processes

Characteristics of Web Vision

Web-based information portal system
  • Informations of a company
  • Information related
    to business such as payment, email, etc.
  • Link with intranet system
  • Organization information
  • Public notice and general bulletin board
  • Discussion on a subject/ message
  • Discussion Forum
  • Survey
Knowledge-related system
  • Knowledge related to business such as
    planning, publicity, general affairs, etc.
  • Technical knowledge such as production,
    fabrication, quality, research, etc.
  • Knowledge related to marketing
    such as sales, market analysis, etc.
  • Knowledge of customers/
    competition/ cooperation etc.
  • Name Care Management/
    Schedule Management
  • Electronic mail/ Electronic approval
  • Shared website (Bookmark)
  • Web folder

Menu Block Diagram of Web Vision

Electronic Mail Electronic Approval Schedule Management Discussion Forum Bulletin Board
  • New mail message
  • In Box
  • Sent Mail
  • Temporary Box
  • Recycle Bin
  • Unread Message
  • Confirmation Message
  • Mail Box
  • External Mail Setting
  • Filtering Setting
  • Environment Setting
  • Name Card Management
  • New Document
  • Document to be approved
  • Under approval
  • Rejected Document
  • Finished Document
  • In Box
  • Temporary Box
  • Reference Document
  • Change-over
  • Daily Journal
  • Approval Line
  • Job to be done today
  • Monthly Schedule Management
  • Weekly Schedule Management
  • Daily Schedule Management
  • List of Schedule
  • All Discussion List
  • Monthly Schedule Management
  • Weekly Schedule Management
  • Daily Schedule Management
  • Schedule list
  • Public Notice
  • Free Bulletin Board
  • Maintenance
  • Bulletin Registration Management
Knowledge Management Questionnaire Survey Address Book Personal Information Management Additional Services
  • Knowledge Box
  • New Knowledge
  • Excellent Knowledge
  • Recommended Knowledge
  • Knowledge Tree Management
  • Cabinet Management
  • Questionnaire List
  • Questionnaire Registration (Multiple Choice)
  • Questionnaire Registration (Subjective Choice)
  • Employee Communication Network
  • Personal Portal
  • Friends Management
  • Friend Group Management
  • New Friend Registration
  • Search internal personal connection
  • SMS Message
  • Organization Chart
  • Web Folder
  • Personal Information Management
  • Personal Name Card Management
  • Portlet Setting
  • Add personal portal
  • Index Screen Setting
  • Event Room
  • Web Folder
  • SMS Message
  • Sending Message
  • Bulletin Board Registration Management
  • Administrator Menu