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STEEL-A Biz System for Distribution and Sale of Diverse Steel Products

STEEL – A Biz 제품이미지
  • Sale of all kinds of steel products
  • Manage coil and cut product subcontractor processing
  • Manage unit weight table by product
  • Function to track the raw material inventory
  • Win order or purchase through automatic price quotation system
  • Real-time cost analysis

Characteristics of Product

  • Inquire the product history at a glance after selling the relevant product (Function to track the inventory)
  • Manage the order registered once to shipping
  • Quick response to the client through order progress status
  • Induce quick price quotation by introducing automatic price quotation system
  • Manage the inventory to arrive by performing import clearance management
  • Accurate cost analysis is made by including other costs (transport, interest, discount, etc.) to the raw material prices
  • Quick decision making fit to business environment through real-time cost analysis

Application Area

  • Business that distributes and sells the general steel products
  • Distribution business and small size of cutting business (equipped with basic cutting and production functions)
  • Inventory management through customs clearance and pending import management

Included Tasks

  • Order Management
  • Contract/ Customs Clearance
  • Purchase/
  • Outsourcing Management
  • Production Management
  • Shipping Management
  • Payment Management
  • Entry and
    Release Management